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We respectfully ask for the chance to communicate directly with any client who has had an unsatisfactory experience.  We understand that despite our best efforts to fully communicate our treatment plans, and even though we obtain pre approval of our treatment plan estimates - there are the innevitable times when there is a gap in communication or understanding; and a subsequent unhappy experience.  We often find this to be the case when our full recommendations are not followed, when complete information is not given to us at the initial visit, and especially when the BEST option for care cannot be performed. We do provide estimates for our treatment plans ahead as well.





Posted By :    Connie Kirkwood
Posted :    3/27/2016
Comments :    On 2/29/2016 we introduced Dr. Dunn to our newest family member and her new patient, Fancy. Fancy is our recently adopted Siamese Snowshoe young kitty so as soon as possible we brought her to Dr. Dunn for her get acquainted visit. She did the necessary exam quickly and gently so as not to make Fancy more nervous than she already was since she was adjusting to a whole new life. She has a wonderful way with cats and always puts their best interests first. She is knowledgeable about their psychological nature as she is about their anatomy which makes her tops in my opinion. She is always cognizant of her feline patient's emotional, or stress, level at all times during the visit and works to lessen the stress as much as possible. I know that little Fancy will be in good hands throughout the coming years and, with Dr. Dunn's help, will be a healthy and happy kitty for years to come.
Posted By :    Alexis Wilson
Posted :    11/18/2015
Comments :    This is an amazing vet! Not only does she spend a great amount of time with your pet, but she and her staff do an excellent job of treating your furbaby! She is very cost aware for her patients. Let's be honest, pet care can be very, very expensive. Dr. Dunn really is aware of that, and works with you so that you can give your darling pet the treatments they deserve. I will always, always use Dr. Dunn!
Posted By :    Kim McCloud
Posted :    4/10/2015
Comments :    I have been bringing my fur kids to Dr. Dunn since she opened the doors of her practice. We have received exceptional care throughout the years. My experiences have run the gamut, from new life to end of life and a whole lot of issues that come up when you have 4 dogs and 4 cats. I highly recommend Dr. Dun and her exceptional staff and practice.
Posted By :    Mark Ritchie
Posted :    1/5/2015
Comments :    I took my new puppy, Dixie, to see Dr Dunn today for her pediatric shots/checkup. I was very impressed. She was very informative, pleasant and spent an ample amount of time with me and the new puppy. Highly recommend Dr Dunn to anyone looking for a new vet.
Posted By :    Suzanne Brown
Posted :    12/3/2014
Comments :    Dr Dunn and her staff have been caring for my dogs for several years now. I don't hesitate to recommend them! I love the personal service that we receive at the clinic. All the staff are extremely friendly and go above and beyond what other clinics offer. This year two of my dogs have had a health issue. One of them required surgery and was very sick. Dr Dunn kept in daily contact with me regarding her progress once I took her home, I really appreciated this especially when things did not progress well for my senior dog and I felt very helpless. Dr Dunn gave me the hope that we could get through this and we did! My sweet 15 year old dog has a new leash on life and is doing awesome, I am so thankful she has such a great vet! One of my other dogs had a very bad eye infection this year and Dr Dunn referred us to the local Animal opthamologist. Being a feisty dog she was a complete nightmare to administer the large amount of required drops and Dr Dunn office's took her each day and did this for me. Her staff were absolutely amazing, and the level of care was fantastic! I have been to many different Vets Offices over the years and I feel so fortunate to found Dr Dunn and her staff!
Posted By :    Chris Searcey
Posted :    9/5/2014
Comments :    I'm about to obtain a brand new Shih Tzu puppy at the end of this month, so I was calling around to different Vet offices to get a feel for which one I'd end up taking my new baby too. After doing a lo of searching, making quite a few phone calls and be extremely frustrated in the answers and attitudes I was receiving from various offices, I was happy and relieved once I called Pine Mountain. For the first time I was spoken to by someone that had enthusiasm, manners and a geniune caring nature about my new puppy becoming a future client. I was given very reasonable price quotes and explanations of future visits and what the would entail. I was very appy to learn that there isn't a set service charge just for walking in the door for each visit. There were a lot of places I called that were charging anywhere from $65 to $100 "service fees" anytime you visit their office, and this is before they do anything with your pet!! Outrageous. I live in the Cumberland/Vinings area, but I'm more than happy to drive up to Kennesaw to visit a Vet office that's reasonable, kind & friendly as well as being very knowledgeable in terms of pet care. As many of you know for yourselves in regards to your own pets, I consider my puppy a member of my family and he will be loved and cared for as such. Which means that I want a Vet's office that feels like family as well - Pine Mountain already made me feel very at ease. My new baby and I are looking forward to our future visits. Thank you for the wonderful phone conversation today!! We'll be seeing you soon!!
Posted By :    Connie Kirkwood
Posted :    7/6/2014
Comments :    We are so thankful we found Dr. Dunn. Our vet retired and sold her feline only practice. Our experience with the new owner and the way our baby was treated was a terrible experience so we were on the hunt for a new vet. We have two cats, Winston J. who is almost 12 yrs. old and Domino, about 5 yrs. old. Dommie is a stray who took up residence on our covered porch and decided he would keep us. Unfortunately, Domino had no microchip or collar. After making some calls, we decided to take him to Dr. Dunn to have him checked out and to get his shots up to date before bringing him inside to become an indoor only boy. It was a great choice. I wanted a feline only practice but none were close to our home. Dr. Dunn doesn't limit her practice to cats but she has worked in feline only practices and also has a special interest in felines. (Ask her three kitties for references). After our first couple of visits to PMV, I checked their charges against the charges for the same procedures (exam, shots, blood tests, etc.) from two previous veterinary clinics. Charges were very similar and PMV was actually lower on some procedures. Since that time our Winston J. has become very ill. Dr.Dunn and her staff have been everything you could hope for in the search for a diagnosis and treatment plan as well as being very supportive. Yes, he required a battery of tests, all of which were necessary. Most tests were based upon the previous tests results and were the next step needed to obtain a diagnosis. While the blood tests and other diagnostics have been costly all are in line with, or sometimes below, the charges at other vet clinics. As soon as test results were available, she talked with us at great length about the results and about the possibilities based on those results. She discussed the next steps available in the search for a firm diagnosis and always informed us of the benefit and costs of each alternative. All pertinent information is always included in the 'visit notes' given at each visit. We were impressed with the fact that Dr. Dunn uses her knowledge resources readily. She contacts other vets who have had experience with the condition as well as specialists in the necessary field, and leaves no option unexplored. She also keeps us informed after any contact. Though a biopsy was needed for an absolute diagnosis, we were fortunate that Winston J. does not have cancer but instead has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It is treatable but does not have a "cure" at this time and its a very serious condition if not under control. So, we are in the process of finding a treatment to manage it as successfully as possible. Oh, and Dr. Dunn and Shawn are so good with him even though, after all he has been through, he has become the proverbial "hellcat". In reference to an earlier anonymous review, I cannot, under any circumstances, see Dr. Dunn ever being dishonest in any way, especially by charging for tests never performed. She really cares for the patients she treats and their "pawrents". She has a very pleasant and caring personality with all her patients, two or four legged. I've been the recipient of her caring several times in the last few months and I appreciate all her efforts to keep my spirits up. You can see how much thought went into some of the office procedures. I love the fact that you don't spend time in the entry but are shown to an exam room. Also, I can check-out in the exam room as well, again skipping the entry and allowing my kitties to come and go peacefully while avoiding a surprise encounter with any doggie patients. Encounters which tend to result in strange, unearthly cat noises and some very startled doggies. Dr. Dunn gets my 100% approval and I would confidently refer friends to her also.
Posted By :    Craig R
Posted :    11/24/2013
Comments :    I met Dr Dunn while searching for an answer to my dogs illness. It was just before she opened her clinic and I was desperate for answers. She charmingly took our golden back and found a huge tumor with a sonogram. She helped us through a really hard time and we are always thankful. Tomorrow we will make that sad journey once again as we have a fifteen and a half yr old golden that has declined rapidly. We have comfort in the fact that Dr Dunn will be with us as our baby leaves us
Posted By :    Dr. Dunn
Posted :    10/16/2013
Comments :    I am very sorry for the below post, however we do not provide MRI at our practice. This test alone would cost more than $500 and would be done by a specialist at a referral hospital. I am not certain which patient this is, especially because of the price point indicated. Our radiographs (which might be what they are thinking of) and diagnostic blood tests, including examination are less than $300. Again, I am very sorry for this situation and understand the owner's frustration and wish we they had talked with me about their dissatisfaction.
Posted By :    Very sorry I came here
Posted :    7/11/2013
Comments :    I came seeking diagnosis for my beautiful pet. Dr. Dunn seemed to know what she was doing and recommended a series of very expensive tests. I spent $500 and have since seriously doubted that she actually took the tests she promised to take. I got no answers and no help for my animal. I decided to take him to another vet and found out that he had cancer. They knew that because they did an MRI while I waited and read it right then. Dunn supposedly conducted an MRI, but did not see the obvious, glaring pollups and tumors inside the body of my boy. I was suspicious after the $500, then I was convinced that Dunn cheated me and my pet after the other doctor showed me the results they obtained. DON'T GO THERE. Dunn is a lightweight and doesn't know what to do about serious illnesses. Also, I am certain that she charged me for care she absolutely did not give to my pet. What a waste of time and money.
Posted By :    Michelle Talley
Posted :    3/12/2013
Comments :    Great experience. Prices are very reasonable for excellent service. Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Dunn is extremely thorough. I have found my new vet! Thank you.
Posted By :    CJDixon
Posted :    2/12/2013
Comments :    Just 1 word for Dr Dunn and staff...........FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 dogs and a cat. FABULOUS!!!!!!
Posted By :    PJ Webb
Posted :    8/24/2012
Comments :    Dr Dunn and her staff are HEAVEN sent
Posted By :    Amanda
Posted :    5/9/2012
Comments :    My pets love coming to Pine Mountain Veterinary - they pull me into the door to see Dr. Dunn, Kate and Sheila! It is a pleasure taking my pets to the vet now.
Posted By :    Karen
Posted :    4/14/2012
Comments :    Dr. Dunn and her staff are the best! I trust them to make the best recommendations for my houseful of pets. I feel so lucky to have this great vet in my neighborhood.
Posted By :    Mr. T
Posted :    2/2/2012
Comments :    How lucky I am to have found Dr. Dunn and her staff - very pleasant, excellenct service - outstanding care for my dog. The technician, Kate , was especially caring in how she handled my dog and very helpful! I will recommend this veterinary office to all my friends.
Posted By :    Lucy's Mom
Posted :    1/23/2012
Comments :    Pine Mountain Vet stayed open late for me and my dwarf hamster Lucy. She had come down with a bad ear infection and they took excellent care of me (freaking out) and Lucy. I don't know that Lucy will have many vet visits, but I will not hesitate to bring her or other future pets to PMV for their personal, one-on-one care. Thank you!
Posted By :    Greg
Posted :    1/7/2012
Comments :    My dog is not a very cooperative patient but Dr Dunn and the staff at Pine Mountain are great! They are very patient and kind in handling him and I am amazed at how much better he acts at the vet now. I will take him to Pine Mountain from now on.
Posted By :    C.W.
Posted :    12/30/2011
Comments :    Dr. Dunn and her staff went out of their way to help when I needed it most for the care of my dog. They are the best veterinary office I have used.
Posted By :    Dana A
Posted :    12/22/2011
Comments :    My experiences with Dr Dunn and the friendly staff at Pine Mountain have been very positive. Recently my pet was very ill, and while I had to spend more than I wanted to - the fees were very fair, and I especially liked that Dr Dunn went over her plan with me and presented an estimate before anything was done. We agreed on a plan and she kept to it. Luckily, my baby came through it and is doing well. Thank you to Dr Dunn!
Posted By :    W.P.
Posted :    10/1/2011
Comments :    OK... charge for services are high. Care was standard.
Posted By :    R Thompson
Posted :    8/26/2011
Comments :    I do not reccomend Dr. Diane Dunn. I found her to be very flighty and unorganized. She ran additional, unnecessary labs on my pet and I walked out paying over $300. I was referred by a friend and will not return. I am glad others have had a good response from her. However, she is not what I am looking for regarding the care of my pet.
Posted By :    Heather Parker  (
Posted :    4/5/2011
Comments :    My fist visit to Dr. Dunn was last Friday and since then, I have told all my friends about her! She is the nicest Dr. I have ever met! She has a true love for animals, and really takes her time with the animals "pets/owners" Very nice office and staff, would recommend everyone goes there!
Posted By :    Lisa Shaw
Posted :    3/23/2011
Comments :    As a first time puppy owner Dr Dunn and indeed the whole team, especially Liz, have been fantastic in answering all my questions and guiding me through the various stages of puppy development. I like the fact they can often answer questions over the phone/email and are cost conscious. I have recommended Pine Mtn Veterinary to friends as I know what great hands my puppy is in with them.
Posted By :    R Wagner & Family
Posted :    1/24/2011
Comments :    Sadly we had to meet Dr. Dunn under not so happy circumstances. Our 15 year old had reached the point where her health was failing and we made the decision that she needed to go to heaven. Dr. Dunn was very gentle and kind to us during our visit. This is never an easy decision for anyone to make; I was very thankful that I made the call to Dr. Dunn's clinic. We have 4 other animals (3 dogs and another cat) and we plan on moving from our current vet to Dr. Dunn's practice effective immediately and we plan on spreading the word - Finally!!! A vet in the Pine Mountain/Kennesaw Mountain area that cares about animals and people. Thank you Dr. Dunn for your kindness.
Posted By :    Patty  (
Posted :    12/13/2010
Comments :    Dr. Dunn went above and beyond in caring for my galgo, Nina. Sadly, Nina was too sick to be saved, but Nina had the best of care and compassion her last night and day, which I will be forever grateful for. It is a great facility with caring staff.
Posted By :    Anne A
Posted :    10/23/2010
Comments :    I have the best experience ever when I brought my dog Polly to see Dr. Dunn for Polly's annual shots. The entire staff and Dr. Dunn treated both Polly and I so well. I was taken immediately to the exam room, where I was checked in, seen quickly by Dr. Dunn, AND checked out. What a relief to not have to go back into the lobby to wait to be checked out. Polly was so comfortable. She loved being fussed over, and getting treats from everyone. It was as if she didn't know where she was! This is the last veterinary hospital I will need - I am a client for life!
Posted By :    Heather Polk
Posted :    10/8/2010
Comments :    My 2 dogs and 1 cat now have a new 'family' doctor - Dr. Dunn! Her cheery waiting room (didn't spend much time there at all), friendly staff, and ease of parking made a wonderful first impression. What was most important to me, tho, is that Dr. Dunn will listen to my concerns, give me options, and set a program for recovery....all while she is making my 'kids' happy. I'm thrilled I moved my business to Pine Mountain Vet!
Posted By :    Alethea Lawson
Posted :    9/22/2010
Comments :    I just went to Pine Mountain Veterinary for the first time. Dr. Dunn turned out to be a dream vet. Her 18 years of experience eased my anxiety about taking my dogs in. She listened very carefully, treated my dogs with genuine kindness and compassion that only animal lovers understand. I was also impressed with the spacious exam room. It had a warm, comfortable ambience that put my dogs and I at ease. The icing on the cake was that I was seen AT my appointment time rather than made to sit in the waiting room reading old magazines. Great experience!
Posted By :    Julie Ward
Posted :    8/30/2010
Comments :    The service is the best I have ever seen. Dr. Dunn and her staff sincerely care. They take the time to listen. All questions are answered thoroughly. We have a puppy who decided to play with a wasp. She got stung and her lip swelled up. I called Dr. Dunn's office and we were able to handle our puppy's discomfort over the phone. The staff also called later to check on her. No extra charge! No extra exam! Just caring. We highly recommend this vet clinic!
Posted By :    Elizabeth Hinton
Posted :    8/29/2010
Comments :    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Dunn and her staff at Pine Mountain Vet! They have all been wonderful to work with. I had been looking for a reason to change vets and finally found it when I called my "other" vet with a very scary situation regarding my daughter's puppy. They told me that they were too busy to see her that day and suggested I take her to the emergency care. I called PMV, they welcomed her in and took excellent care of her. I have since moved all my vet needs over to Pine Mountain Vet. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice to everyone with pets!
Posted By :    Penny Kirkpatrick
Posted :    7/9/2010
Comments :    I have 2 ten year old chihuahuas and have been to a countless number of vets in Cobb County, seeking the perfect doctor for my "fur children". I have finally found her, DR. DUNN!!!! She, and her staff, went to great measures to make me, and my pups, feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated!! Dr. Dunn took ample time to listen to my concerns, and then provide positive feedback and real-life solutions. She genuinely cares about my dogs (and me)!! I could write a book about all the little things she and her staff did to provide exemplary service. Her staff even called me to check on the dogs and to see if I had any questions (and my appointment was a simple routine one)!! I have high expectations and Dr. Dunn exceeded my expecations. Go see her and I promise you will LOVE her!!
Posted By :    Dan Skalsky  (
Posted :    6/19/2010
Comments :    We have known Dr. Diane Dunn for over a decade. She has been there for our many greyhounds over the years with great advice and extraordinary service. We are thrilled that she has been able to begin her own practice. We trust her and would highly recommend her and her staff. It is wonderful to know a vet who really cares about animals.
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